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Absolutely Stunning

This has got to be one of the most involved Flash movies I have ever seen. The amount of time you must have put into designing the story, characters, and settings in the movie... it's flooring. I'm very impressed, and I can't wait for part 2 :)

10/10, 5/5.

RPGsrok responds:

It's good to know that was two years well spent. ^^ Thanks for reviewing!

My day was just made :)

That's really all I can say! That was awesome!

Great work! 10/10, 5/5!


I liked the art style you made this animation in... it was very interesting, and to me had a dream-like feeling to it. Also, some of the effects you used helped set the tone of the movie.

I look forward to seeing more of your work. Nice job so far, man!

8/10, 5/5.

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Awesome, As Usual!

This Escape Series game was excellent! It seemed a lot more manageable than some of the others. I felt the difficulty level was a bit easier than usual, though. Still, a great game! Keep up the great work, Afro-Ninja!

9/10, 5/5.

It Made Me Smile!

Quite a silly game :) It made me smile! It's nice to be able to play a nice and easy game every now and then! Kudos :D

10/10, 5/5.

Wish I'd Had This Back In Elementary School...

This game was a lot of fun! I thought the difficulty was quite good, and the power-ups and weapons added a nice touch to the game. Great work, I enjoyed it! 10/10 5/5.

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No more can be said. I'm absolutely floored by this. Great work.


I first heard this song many years ago, and I still love listening to it! You did an exceptional job on it!

Another Great One, Hexhuan!

I especially loved the uplifting melodies! The trancegate on the deep pad was a nice touch also! The only complaint I really have was, as you mentioned, the volume. If you can figure out what the exporting issue with GarageBand is, it would be excellent to hear a new and improved version of this song!

5/5, 9/10, download.

I've been making music in FL Studio for a few years now, and I decided it was finally time to put some of it out on the web for people to enjoy!



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