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One Of These Days, My Song Will Show Up!

2010-06-29 11:54:36 by SiGMA-VII

Hahaha well, I've been doing a lot of experimental stuff in FL Studio, so once a moderator puts the big "OK" on my long-ago-submitted track, I might throw some of that up for Newground's opinions!

Again, I encourage all to look at my work (once it shows up...), and if you'd like a review on something of yours, PM me or comment on this post and I'd be more than happy to take a gander! ;)

Happy Newgrounding,



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2010-07-08 19:44:06

Submissions take forever to get approved, but complaining about it on the audio forum got mine approved the same day!
So when it comes right down to it, just complain about it :3
Anyways, listen to the song i made!
it has a low score for some reason, i know i was messing around with it but still,
i also made it with FL studios.

SiGMA-VII responds:

Hey, my song is finally up! Sweetness!! It only took about 2 weeks XD

I reviewed "Rebot" already, sweet21. Go take a look :)


2010-11-06 12:20:43

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