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What's Up, Newgrounds?

2010-06-20 14:46:32 by SiGMA-VII

Well, hi there, Newgrounds! I'm SiGMA-VII, and I'm new here :D

I've submitted a song that's currently being okay-ed. But once that's up, go check it out!


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2010-06-20 15:22:18

i will, takes FOREVER for a song to get approved though, hopefully you like newgrounds, don't be afraid to visit the forums either, they have lots of stuff on the NG forums unlike those other website forums......


2010-06-20 15:44:32

Welcome aboard! I'll check your song out when it get's there. Feel free to toss me a pm for....well whatever.

SiGMA-VII responds:

Thanks, dude! It's good to be aboard. :D

I listened, rated, and commented on your song, "Silence Amidst Chaos". Go check it out!


2010-06-20 18:48:38

welcome to newgrounds.